Tentacle Flora

Robotic Sculpture, 2018

In this research, we explore a method to realize a cluster of tentacles of beautiful sea anemones using soft robot technology. Compared to our previous systems, the Tentacle Flora system realized downsizing of the control circuit and controlling a full colored LED. Whereas our previous systems were flat type devices, the Tentacle Flora system made it possible to mount the actuator on the surface layer of the dome shape by combining with a geodesic dome structure composed of printed circuit boards. Its applications include an interactive wall of plane or curved surface, wearable systems, and integration with animatronics. We believe that biological expressions such as the waving tentacles of sea anemones which could only be realized by computer graphics images can now be realized as a substantial expression.

This work was supported by JSPS KAKENHI 18K18171.

ALife Art Award 2018 Special Jury Prize.