The Tentacle Flora is a robotic sculpture inspired by a vision of a colony of the sea anemone growing on the coral. A shape-memory alloy actuator is used as tentacles and is composed of a BioMetal Fiber such that it can bend in three directions. The top of the actuator glows softly mimicking a bioluminescent organism using a full colored LED. The Tentacle Flora induces the beauty, wonder, and existence of living sea anemones in the depths of the ocean.
Nakayasu, A. 2019. Tentacle Flora. Leonardo, 410-411, Vol.52, Issue 4, MIT Press.
Nakayasu, A. 2018. Tentacle Flora: Lifelike Robotic Sculpture. In SIGGRAPH ASIA 2018 Posters, ACM.
Exhibitions & Awards
Aesthetica Art Prize Longlist 2020.
SIGGRAPH 2019 Art Gallery.
Laval Virtual 2019 Art&VR Gallery.
ALife Art Award 2018 Special Jury Prize.
This work was supported by JSPS KAKENHI 18K18171.
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